If you would us to illustrate your home, your favourite pet, your wedding venue or somewhere that evokes a really special memory for you we can do that.

Have it personalised with names, a place, a date, a message or whatever you like to make it really special.   A custom illustration makes the perfect gift for anybody moving into a new home, for a new engagement, for a couple getting married or just because!



All you have to do is provide us with a good quality photo / image of the place you'd like to have us illustrate.  The process includes one round of feedback and changes if necessary.  Any additional changes after the first round incurs an additional fee.  As the pieces we create are always very thorough, additional changes are very rare!

The custom fee also includes any wording  you'd like to include along with free postage.  Placing a couples name, a significant date or words that mean something to the receiver can be a really lovely way to make your gift unique and special.  Once completed, all rights to the illustration are ours.  

To get a quote for your custom illustration, please drop us a line on dustyboydesigns@gmail.com.