“ Because hands on skin is such a loving way to connect with your baby,we believe in slowing things down and soaking in the simple act of touch ”

The story

Dusty Boy Natural Living is a baby care range, founded and owned by sisters Sarah and Kate, who live in rural Wexford.

Sarah, qualified nurse and baby lover, is a stay at home Mam and, because she always embraces natural remedies and treatments for her family of four, the concept of developing natural baby products has become her passion.

Kate with her background in Communications and Business is forever inspired by nature and absolutely loves weaving tapestries of words, colour and feelings. Her joy is in the branding and the storytelling.

Dusty Boy Natural Living products are made up of carefully chosen, completely natural ingredients that nourish, hydrate, and soothe your babys skin. Each product is lovingly made and hand poured in small batches from Sarah’s home studio in Wexford.